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274F Datsun L-6 Camshaft

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Lobe Separation:
Valve Lift:
Item shown in picture may not represent exact product .

This is a high quality cast camshaft that has been precision machined to the following specifications. Camshaft characteristics: This camshaft profile is based off of a factory Datsun high grind, and not one of our proprietary racing profiles. The docile ramps with short duration and higher lift equates to a relatively smooth idle with a light chop, and stock like behavior - just with more power across the curve and a higher RPM power peak. Well suited for a stock to mildly hopped up daily driver. NOT recommended for auto-cross or street/strip.

The .480" lift version requires the use of valve spring #68022 and retainer #73004. The .440" lift version can use stock valve springs so long as they're not overly shimmed (always check for tension and coil bind with a new cam when reusing springs).

Part Number: 17033
Grind Number: 274F
Intake Duration (gross): 274
Exhaust Duration (gross): 274
Intake Duration (.050”): 215
Exhaust Duration (.050”): 215
Intake Valve Lift*: See above
Exhaust Valve Lift*: See above
Lobe Separation: See above
Intake Valve Lash: .008"
Exhaust Valve Lash:  .010"
RPM Range:
*Based on 1.48 Rocker Arm Ratio

**If you have any questions in regards to the compatibility with your set-up please call before you purchase**

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