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BOSS 290R 351C Solid Lifter Camshaft

Your Price: $399.99
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This is a rollerized version of our "BOSS" 290F cam that is a stock replacement for the BOSS 351 engine. Now you can have an otherwise numbers matching engine with a factory idle and power band, but with slightly more power due to the roller tappets and forget about lobe failure or ZDDP additives. This is high quality camshaft that has been precision machined to the following specifications:

Part Number: none
Grind Number: BOSS 290R
Intake Duration (gross): 290
Exhaust Duration (gross): 290
Intake Duration (.050”): 230
Exhaust Duration (.050”): 230
Intake Valve Lift*: .517"
Exhaust Valve Lift*: .517"
Lobe Separation: 114
Intake Valve Lash: .024"
Exhaust Valve Lash:  .024"
RPM Range:
*Based on 1.73 Rocker Arm Ratio

**If you have any questions in regards to the compatibility with your set-up please call before you purchase**

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