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304F A Series Solid Lifter Camshaft

Your Price: $129.99 + customer core
Item shown in picture may not represent exact product .

We can precision machine YOUR camshaft to the following specifications:

Part Number: none
Grind Number: 304F
Intake Duration (gross): 304
Exhaust Duration (gross): 304
Intake Duration (.050”): 262
Exhaust Duration (.050”): 262
Intake Valve Lift*: .390"
Exhaust Valve Lift*: .390"
Lobe Separation: 105
Intake Valve Lash: .014"
Exhaust Valve Lash:  .014"
RPM Range:
*Based on 1.22 Rocker Arm Ratio

**Regrind only. To get your cam reground you will need to ship it to us along with your name, contact info, and the grind you want. Payment can be done by credit card over the phone or with PayPal.**

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