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Please print out and complete this form and include it with your cam when you ship it to us for regrinding. To simplify the ordering process, print out and include the cam info page of the grind you want. Please clean and inspect your camshaft(s) before shipping. Look for worn out lobes, chipped gears, scored or undersized journals, broken thrusts/reluctors, and cracks around all bolt holes, dowel pins, and keyways.  Please remove all gears, bolts, woodruff keys, and cam sensors, etc... before shipping them to us. These things must be removed before grinding. We are not responsible for misplaced extra parts that are removed. When packaging the cam make sure that it is packed safely and securely. The cam(s) should not be able to move of shift during shipping. Please carefully read this form, as well as the note about potential extra costs at the bottom. Thank you,



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Note: Not all available grinds will fit on all stock cores. Unfortunately we cannot tell you for sure what will or will not work on your camshaft(s) until we check it out with our Cam Doctor machine. If your cam(s) cannot handle the grind you want, then we can help you pick out a grind that will work with your cam. With any regrind, the base circles of the cam lobes are reduced inorder to add lift & duration and/or remove excess wear. Schneider Racing Cams is not responsible for whether or not a reduced base circle camshaft will work with your engine. We always try to keep the reduction moderate in attempt to prevent any issues. Reground cams are often not a direct drop-in, unless sold as such. OHV engines may require longer pushrods or other modifications. OHC engines may require longer valves, lashcaps/shims, longer adjusters, machining of the lifter/bucket tray, or modifications to the rocker arms. Shims/caps/etc. are not provided as part of the regrind cost. If you have questions regarding possible required modifications, please contact us before picking out a grind.

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Schneider Racing Cams
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San Diego, CA 92110





All regrind prices include grinding, Parkerizing, polishing or the bearing journals and installation cam lube. The regrind price does not include return shipping, welding, cleaning, or any extra machine work necessary to grind the cams, as these factors will vary from camshaft to camshaft. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us ahead of time. Here is a breakdown of potential extra costs:

-Cleaning: Please degrease your camshaft(s) prior to shipping them in. Cams that require heavy degreasing will be charged a minimum cleaning fee of $5.
-Media Blasting: We can media blast your camshaft for you to remove rust or paint. The charge for media blasting starts at $15. If you choose to media blast your cam yourself, then you should mask off the journals as to not damage them with the blasting media.
-Center Cutting: Occasionally the centers on the camshafts are cut incorrectly from the factory, or have been damaged over time. In these instances, we have to re-cut the centers in the cam(s). Pricing is a flat $5 per center. Whether or not your cam will need new centers is hard to say, but typically it is most common on camshafts from late model OHC engines.
-Welding: If your lobes are damaged to the point of welding, please call us for an estimate before sending the cam in. Welding steel cams starts at $40. Welding is not recommended for most cast iron camshafts.
-Journal Resizing: We can regrind your journals if they are worn to the point of needing to be ground down to a different size, but we only recommend doing this if finding another cam core isn't feasible. Please call to discuss if this is something you'll need done.
-Eccentric Grinding: If your fuel pump eccentric needs to be reground the cost starts at $15 for conventional mechanical fuel pumps.
-Other Machining: We do offer other services such as drilling, tapping, thread chasing and general machine work. Please inquire to find out more.

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