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The story of Schneider Cams really began in the early ‘50s with a white t-shirt and engineer-boot wearing kid named Dave Schneider. After studying mechanical engineering at California Polytechnic State University (Cal-Poly), Dave started a little engine and cam shop with Bruce Crower in 1958. Crower-Schneider didn't last very long as it became apparent to the two that their business styles were dramatically different.




In 1961, Dave started his own company: Schneider Engineering. During those early years, he was able to make quite a name for himself in the racing world. Among his many accomplishments was the engineering of cam profiles for the then-popular Offenhauser motor which then quickly became the de facto standard for racing the "Offy." If you weren't running a Schneider cam, you may as well have just not showed up to race.


In the mid '70s it was time to bring in another person to help lead the company into its future. The man that Dave had in mind was Jerry Cantrell, who at the time worked for Schneider's nearby competitor, Crower Cams. It wasn't hard to convince Jerry to join him, so he left Crower and officially took the reins of Schneider Cams in 1976.




For over thirty years, Jerry has been keeping the wheels turning around the shop, constantly keeping on top of current trends and advancements in racing and street technology to ensure that no matter what application you have, we have a cam for it. Above all, Jerry strives to keep the feel of the classic speed shop. The majority of his day is spent on the telephone, helping customers find the perfect camshaft for their motors. No matter your application, from mild to wild, Jerry has got you covered.




Now retired, Dave Schneider can still occasionally be found cruising around the shop, making sure things are running smoothly.




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