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To Our Valued Customers:


     As many of you already know, there have been dramatic increases in flat tappet camshaft failures over the past few years. According to our research, this is due mostly to recent changes in motor oil formulas. Current strict emissions standards have pushed the oil companies to pull zinc, phosphorus, and other high pressure lubricants (ZDDP) out of the oils.  The fact that most, if not all, late model engines are factory-equipped with roller tappet cams allowed the change. This has become so problematic for the flat-tappet world that Hotrod Magazine published an article on the subject [When Good Cams Go Bad, June 2006]. The life of a flat tappet camshaft depends on proper lubrication. Inferior oil formulas put your camshaft and motor at risk!

   Other camshaft failures can be attributed to a use of low quality off-shore produced “budget” lifters. While they are a cheap alternate to the ones we sell, as with most things, you get what you pay for. 

   Here at Schneider Racing Cams, we have always strived to maintain the highest standards in camshaft production, using only the highest quality products. As such we will only warrantee our camshafts when run with our accompanying valve train components and when our premium additives are used.  Please see reverse for a list of recommended oils as well as descriptions of our new engine oil super additives. Thank you for your loyal support,


-Team  Schneider


- Schneider Racing Cams Premium Engine Lubricants-

Formula 1 Our original camshaft lube, the great stuff we’ve provided with our cams for years. We’ve tested it all and ours is still the best. Don’t believe us? Order some today and become a believer like the rest of us! PN# 7282

Formula 2 This is a premium engine break in additive, loaded with gobs of that wonderful ZDDP you’ve heard so much about lately.  Formula 2 contains the same key ingredients as our famous cam lube, only in liquid form. This combination of high pressure lubricants is essential for the break-in process and is mandatory. After the break-in you should switch to Formula 3. PN# 7288

Formula 3 This is the “golden ticket” right here! Formula 3 is an engine oil super additive containing everything in Formula 2, but also contains an EP additive. It is designed to not only lubricate the motor, but also chemically bond to the metal surfaces and practically eliminate engine wear! Due to the superior lubricating qualities of Formula 3 it should be used only after the break in process to insure proper seating of the piston  rings. PN# 7287


Our 3 lubricants, when used properly, help to reduce friction and protect against premature engine wear. Think about it, less friction equals less heat, more power, longer engine life, and greater efficiency. Why wouldn’t you want to run these amazing products?
All flat tappet cams must be installed with Formula 1 and broken in using Formula 2, then maintained using Formula 3 to prevent lobe failure!


We also strongly encourage our additives for roller cams, as they increase the life of roller and needle bearings. Regardless of cam choice, Formulas 2 and 3 are extremely beneficial for main and cam bearing longevity.
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